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shyne to be paroled soon


Word has it that Shyne, the former Bad Boy artist, that was sent to prison for he involvement in the now infamous club shooting in New York that also involved P. Diddy. Diddy got off clean, while Shyne was sentenced to 10 years, which, needless to say, has caused friction amongst the two. Anyway, it has been reported that during the trial and sentencing, no sort of negotiations surrounding parole were brought up and so now Shyne maybe eligble for parole in October. It is said that he is to be set free on October 6, but no details about the circumstances of his parole are known at this time. For the full story, visit Hip Hop DX. Shyne has many supporters, so it will be interesting to see what will happen when he gets out. I’m sure everybody is wishing him the best.


kanye west is offically a fashion intern


Kanye West actually did exactly what he said he would and has become a fashion intern at the Gap. He is apparently working with Patrick Robinson and at the end of the internship, it is speculated (but not confirmed) that Kanye will be getting his own line through the company. One source says that the Louis Vutton Don is taking his work very seriously and has known to have been in the office as late (or early depending upon how you see it) as 2 in the morning.

It is good to see that Kanye is actually taking this seriously and not just acting like most rappers who just jump into fashion because it’s trendy. He is taking this really seriously. I would also assume that this would humble him a little more (it’s a good thing those King of Pop statements weren’t true); at least until he gets his clothing line lol. No, seriously, most other rappers that decide they want to go into fashion should really have a passion and perfect the craft like Kanye is trying to do. Props for this.


baatin of slum village passed away


As many have probably heard, Baatin, one of the founders of the much respected group Slum Village, has been confirmed dead by the group’s manager. There has still been no information released as to the reason for his death. He has had a number health complications in the past, severely enough that they caused him to leave the group for a period of time after becoming very ill on tour. He was set to rejoin the group and they were supposed to put out an album in September. Many people started spreading RIP messages and condolences over the internet on August 1. Hip hop will truly miss him. Here is one of the full stories.


joe jackson confirms michael jackons other child


There has been speculation since Michael Jackson’s funeral that he may have had another kid when Omer Bhatti was sitting next to the rest of the family in the front row. Up until now, Bhatti was known as Jackson’s protege, but now Joe Jackson has confirmed that Bhatti is the King of Pop’s child. At tis point we have to believe Joe, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is doing this for some type of publicity. That’s not to say that he is lying, but let’s just stay tuned for more information (if there is anymore to come). Here is the exclusive interview with NewsOne.


young man needs help to attend college after being shot


Nana Arkorful from Chicago was an outstanding student that had a 4.0 gpa and was accepted to many colleges and universities (including Morehouse in Atlanta, which was his first choice). Unfortunately, while at a party, somebody shot into the crowd and Nana became an innocent victim, getting hit in both the neck and leg and was fighting for his life while the last couple of months in his high school career went by. Although he was able to receive his diploma with the remainder of his classmates (thankfully), he was not able to meet all of the scholarship requirements and is now seeking donations from others in order for him to attend Morehouse this coming fall. For the story and information, please click here, and if you are able, donate what you can. This young man deserves to go to college.


kanye west claims new king of pop position


Kanye has really out done himself this time. It has been just over a month since Michael Jackson died, and already he is declaring himself the new “King Of Pop.” Not only that, but he has allegedly reached out to Jackson’s family for the “rights” to use the term. There are so many things wrong with this. For instance, how do you give yourself the title? Isn’t that for the public to decide? And can we give the Jackson’s more time to get themselves together? There are fans that are still mourning his death, so just imagine what the family must be going through and feeling at this point. True, there may be some sort of void now since some people may feel as though the title needs to be passed on, but that is something that the fans and fans alone will decide.

Kanye talked about taking his ego down a notch a few weeks ago, but that state of mind has clearly passed and he is back at it again. What else would you expect? Although Kanye has not sold nearly as many albums, has not had nearly the longevity (Michael Jackson hadn’t recorded an album in who knows how long, and he would still sell out concerts), and even though he is very popular throughout the world, still doesn’t have the star power of Michael Jackson. There are stories circling all over the internet about Kanye’s statements, but here is one of them.

Update: Kanye West denies new “King of Pop” comments. Check out his official blog here to see what he had to say. Although it’s a good thing it isn’t true, isn’t it still sad that Kanye’s ego has gotten to the point that we could actually fathom that he would say something like this?


cash money taking over in september


In an interview with, Baby said that they plan to drop at least 5 albums during the month of September and that there may at least one or two releases going into October. Drake will be leading the pack, followed by Wayne’s rock album Rebirth, Baby’s album, a compilation album, and others. The only question is if this is too many albums at one time for consumers? Not only that, but will all of these albums actually drop when they are supposed to? It seems like Wayne’s album has been pushed back 100 times now and Baby has already ben forced to push back his album at least once.

Regardless, the attempt could be a bold one With all of these albums dropping, Jay-Z’s BP3 and who knows who else dropping in September, consumers will have to spend their money wisely. Is there enough money to go around? In these times, it’s not likely, but only time will tell. View the interview here.


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